Random Clicks Photography, Best Wedding Photographer In Lucknow

Random Clicks Photography Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow is a team of Wedding Photographers in Lucknow that has been in the industry since 2015. We believe that emotions are beautiful and it is more beautiful to capture them in real-life settings.

Bonds are more celebrated at weddings. To capture this celebration in the autocracy of beauty is the aim of Random Clicks Photography. Well-equipped with the tools of photography, we provide services in an excellent manner.

We are a good option to be hired for a Best wedding photographer in Lucknow.

Photographs that we click are not just only photographs. They are a bundle of emotions captured. Compared to other ways for returning in time and remembering the special moments.

The Power of Candid Moments

If you are searching for the best wedding photographer in Lucknow? Then Random Clicks Photography is the choice that you should make.


We are a team of expert photographers who capture the perfect shots of your precious wedding moments. And offer both candid and traditional photography beautiful prewedding clicks and touching wedding films.

Random Clicks Photography is open to travel to outstation locations to cover wedding ceremonies. We strive to make your special day even more special by capturing your memorable moments with utmost precision.

Understanding the emotions that go into your wedding day, We ensure to capture all the precious moments. And become a part of your special day by adding our personalised touch.


Be it any pre-wedding, wedding, or post-wedding function. Our photography team captures all the rare and wonderful moments of your ceremonies.

Starting from Pre-wedding to the wedding and post-wedding functions. Random clicks Photography assure you with beautiful pictures. Of your special moments with utmost perfection by using the best of their skills.

The wide range of services offered by them include –

Pre-wedding shoots and videography

Wedding photography and videography


Random Photoshoots

Drone Photography

Themed Photography


Random Clicks Photography majorly focuses on quality and their utmost priority in client satisfaction. With their wide range of Lenses and quality services.

Our photography team says:

“We are a team of creative and innovative thinking photographers. Who love to capture stories and emotions rather than just pictures for the sake of making them Albumworthy” so capturing the candid moments is necessary. We have the expertise and the equipment we use that also helps us create memories.

Weddings are about a lot of people coming together to witness something special. And interactions tell stories- that we try to capture in our photos and videos.


Our team of Random Clicks can travel anywhere within the country. We provide services and ensure that your wedding day results in memories that can capture and cherished for life.

We will provide you with vividly captured images and ensure that your wedding pictures are worked upon with perfection.


Traveling to destination and outstation weddings we have a group of professionals. Who put their heart out and cover the event in a beautiful manner.

Be it your pre-wedding functions or the reception party we will be part of your journey for sure.

Because you want to get your pictures chronicled in the most amazing manner and cherish them forever. Then your eyes were definitely looking for us, Moreover, you can say your search ends here! and you are at the right place. Voila!

You can go through our style of clicking Pictures HERE

Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

Random Clicks Photography by:

Atul Ghosh & Vartika Jain

Best Wedding Photographer in Lucknow
Best Wedding Photographer In Lucknow